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As a CLEC Provider your billing system is your life-blood.  Epoch Billing System (EBS) is the State-of-the-Art Solution to your Online Billing needs.  EBS's superior billing method provides convenience and cost-effectiveness that allows for  re-allocation of your company resources to other areas of your business.  Our clients can attest to the fact that EBS will save you time and money.  

Now is a dynamic time in the Telecom industry.  Numerous business mergers and the creation of new companies have led to increased industry competition.  Rules and regulations are evolving at light speed.  Our EBS is a flexible and scalable necessity which will outpace your competitors. 

EBS is a complete, powerful and robust Web-based billing and customer-care platform.  This system can be readily customized to fit your current requirements.  The inherent scalability and efficient security provides you with the ability to grow securely without space boundaries. 

EBS incorporates convergent billing, electronic billing, payments and customer service management into one complete application with the flexibility to track, read, rate and process any type of usage data, over any network, anywhere in the world.

EBS gives you a flexible tool that can be used to control, configure, modify, and update any of your specific functionalities to match your business requirements.  You can create and deploy your own plans, new services, promotions, discounts, and rate-plans without the complications of complex changes in your programming code.

 Epoch Billing System offers:

  • Customer Service

  • High level Reporting System

    • Sales Analysis

    • Billing and Collection

    • Growth Analysis

    • Custom Reports

  • Reseller / Agent Management

  • Security

  • 24x7x365 Support

Your customers will benefit from the option of online bill payment.  EBS offers a variety of online billing and payment options to your customers.  More importantly, this up-to-date invoice and statement information will be available to your customers through your own company website.  Our clients who have chosen to customize their EBS with this customer-friendly option have indicated to us increased customer satisfaction ratings with their customers, in addition to reduced call center expenditures.

Convenient and easy to use, EBS supports traditional services such as long distance, calling card, travel card, wireless, paging, callback, and local for any backbone carriers. The only requirement is an Internet connection and browser.  EBS eliminates expenses in areas such as:  hardware, software, and programming staff.

Epoch Billing System (EBS) is the state-of-the-art solution to your online billing needs. We offer a secure, easy to use system that is available with permission levels designed by you. We guaranty that EBS will help to fortify your operations and enhance your bottom line. For more information and/or a free online demo, please contact one of our Sr. Marketing Managers at 888-827-2037 or simply e-mail: cardinal@epochsolutions.com.

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