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No company today can afford the status quo.  Every indication in corporate America suggests that organizations with resilient, flexible and imaginative operational systems will be synonymous with success.  Competent operations complement and enhance the sales effort, and therefore the bottom line of our clients.  Epoch Solutions recognizes and offers immediate solutions to this.  

Epoch Solutions is a consulting company with decades of business experience and expertise in IT development, training, billing, and provisioning and telecom auditing.  Epoch Solutions through its consulting pricing, fills a financial and personnel void for businesses which rely on sustained and profitable operations.  

Epoch Solutions brings the energy and business imperatives that are willing to explore the new rules of the game, and make opportunities happen for their clients.  Our employees are trained and prepared to meet our customers’ requirements with confidence, skill and timely results.   

Epoch Solutions works with our clients to develop a culture of teamwork with our clients’ employees that allow them to exploit the diverse markets, which require unique attention in this new and uncertain marketplace.  

Epoch Solutions is a “scalable” organization.  We can meet the requirements of small to large sized organizations in any of our advertised expertise.  Our attention to detail dictates that we deliver our services in a consistently satisfactory and effective manner to clients who can range from the very small to the very large.  Our scope is international.  We provide trained employees in IT, Telecom, training in many countries worldwide.  

Epoch Solutions embraces an ethic of service to our customers and respect to us.  It is this philosophy that we are confident is helping to grow our company while helping others to expand as well.   

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